• Pro Packing Tips
    Pack the remote and power cord with the TV
    This seems like a no-brainer, but believe us when we say we’ve heard plenty of stories of someone getting to their new home only to realize they lost the power cord or the remote. Just do yourself a favor and pack those with the TV itself.
  • Sharpie is your friend
    Use a sharpie or other permanent marker to label the TOP and FRONT or SCREEN of the television. This will help when you go to move and pack the TV, since you’ll know how to orient the box and which side is the most delicate. Additionally, if you’re packing multiple TVs you can label them accordingly (aka “Living room TV, guest room TV” and so on). If you’re moving with roommates, put your name on the TV that is yours so you can just move it right to your new room without having to unpack it first in order to identify it.
  • Place the packed TV strategically within your unit
    You’ll want to keep the packed TV box upright when you move, not lying on its front or back with things stacked on top of it (this will just break your screen, trust us). If possible, wedge the TV between other boxes so it is snugly surrounded on all sides and won’t wobble during transit.
  • Consider humidity
    If you need to move a flat screen tv internationally or are packing the flat screen TV for long term storage, you’ll want to think about humidity and how to keep it away from your electronics. Purchase some silica gel packets and place them around the TV before wrapping it, as this will help absorb any moisture that might enter the box over time.

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